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Cooperation started

Become an Aircraft Maintenance Technician


Lufthansa Technical Training, the Part-147 school LAS Training-MTO and SLOT signed a Memorandum of Understanding on July 31st in Lisbon, Portugal, to qualify aeronautical trainees. Over a period of six months (800 hours), 16 trainees will be educated as CAT A licensed personnel in a full course in Lisbon at the premises of the Part-147 facility. After their successful completion they will be able to gain practical experience in MRO companies in Europe. The recruitment of the 16 Portuguese trainees is carried out by SLOT, a company of the LAS Group. The pilot project will start in October 2019 and will soon be extended to other locations such as Athens, Greece. Nicole Domanski, Product Manager Basic Training of Lufthansa Technical Training, will play a key role in supporting and implementing the project.

About the training program

Content: Theory based on the guidelines of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA)

  • Module 1 - Mathematics
  • Module 2 - Physics
  • Module 3 - Electrical Fundamentals
  • Module 5 - Digital Techniques
  • Module 6 - Materials and Hardware
  • Module 7a - Maintenance Practices
  • Module 8 - Basic Aerodynamics
  • Module 9 - Human Factors
  • Module 10 - Aviation Legislation
  • Module 11A - Aircraft Systems
  • Module 15 - Gas Turbine Engine
  • Module 17A - Propeller
  • Introduction Technical English


  • At the end of each module a written examination will be held. The minimum examination pass mark is 75% according to EASA regulations.

Target group

  • Career entrants
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I apply as non-EU citizen?

This EASA CAT A programme, fully paid and sponsored by Lufthansa Technical Training, is implemented in Lisbon by the partner LAS and is open in the first wave to EU citizens. In the second wave it will be open to all.

How can I apply?

At first, please have a look at the attached description of the vacancy.

Please send your CV to onlineapplication@ltt.dlh.de. Your application will be forwarded to our local recruiting partner SLOT.

Do I have to pay for this programme?

No, you don't have to pay for this programme. It is fully paid and sponsored by Lufthansa Technical Training.

Where can I get more information?

You can visit us at the Open Days on 11 October 2019 in Lisbon. More information will follow.