The iPad app for aviation enthusiasts and professionals

Get acquainted with modern aviation technology

The LTT viewer has a successor in the new Lufthansa Technical Training App. The LTT viewer is no longer available since 31 August 2015.

Like the LTT viewer this new app is dedicated to aviation enthusiasts, technically interested people and aviation professionals.

On the one hand enthusiasts will get acquainted with aviation high-tech. On the other hand aviation professionals will find in-depth information to prepare for EASA Part-66 CAT A or B full basic examinations.

In addition to a public area with company information, brochures, flyers, access to the Training Finder and our homepage for interested parties, the Lufthansa Technical Training App also has a private area where you can access our training material:

  • CAT A: M1 - M17
  • CAT B1: M1 - M17
  • CAT B2: M1 - M14
  • Heli: CAT A/B1

All in all 231 up-to-date CourseNotes are available for Cat A, Cat B1 and Cat B2. They are of course all compliant to the COMMISSION REGULATION (EU) No 1149/2011.

The Lufthansa Technical Training app as well as its content is optimized for iPad. The app and all elements are available in English-language only.
The app and some elements within are free of charge. 


In cases of technical problems please contact our IT support:

Please contact our sales team for our training material.  ... more