Aviation Quality Services


Aviation Quality Services (AQS) GmbH is a full-service provider of safety and quality management solutions in the aviation world. Founded in 2001, AQS is an economically and operationally independent subsidiary of Lufthansa Aviation Training GmbH. Its headquarters are located in Frankfurt, Germany, and its home bases in Dubai, Johannesburg, Hong Kong, Miami, and Moscow.

AQS is the world's first Audit Organization (AO) authorized by the IATA to audit international airlines according to the IOSA standard and has been accredited as an IATA Endorsed Training Organization (ETO) since 2003.

The AQS portfolio consists of audit, training, and services related to safety and quality in flight operations with the result of a long-term gain in operational efficiency and performance.

The following training courses are essential for every operator:

During the one-week Aviation Auditor Training (AAT), you will not only gain relevant and concise quality management knowledge but also simultaneously complete the basic training to become a certified aviation auditor.

The 3-day Aviation Auditor Recurrent Training (AART) highlights legal industry standards as well as changes in regulations. Practical audit scenarios will be discussed and evaluated. It serves as a refresher of the main facts of auditing in order to stay currently qualified. During the 2-day Aviation Lead Auditor Training (ALAT) you will learn how to manage a team, deal with possible conflicts, traps, and cultural differences, as well as how to improve your auditing skills and presentation techniques. Video training, case studies, and debriefings will help you to achieve this goal. Further, you will review audit follow-up processes as well as corrective action requests in order to gain proficiency as a certified aviation lead auditor.

Benefit from many years of IOSA experience and become an IOSA subject matter expert. The IOSA Auditor Training (IAT) course provides you with practical exercises which will give you the opportunity to train in IOSA auditing techniques including the use of the IOSA checklists as well as interpretation of the IOSA Standards and Recommended Practices (ISARPs). Thereby, the introduction to the IOSA program and the IOSA terminology is as important as the transfer of cultural awareness and auditor competences. The IOSA Airline Auditor Training (IAAT) course focuses particularly on the Enhanced IOSA (E-IOSA) and the internal needs of an airline

The Compliance Management Training provides you with a deep understanding of aviation related requirements for a Compliance Management System including requirements related to documentation, audit techniques, reporting and management of records. Further it will provide you with guidance how to ensure your Compliance Management System will co-operate with your SMS and how to verify the functionality and regulatory compliance of your SMS.

The EASA Air OPS Training course is a comprehensive training course ideal for organizations that want their management personnel to understand the implication of EASA Air Ops for themselves and for the NAA overseeing it.

The introduction of a Safety Management System (SMS) is mandatory due to ICAO, EASA, and FAA regulations. The modular training courses deliver all you need to know to develop an effective SMS, leading to a significant reduction in cost and expenses. The courses are tailored to the different target groups within your organization – from the CEO to the crew – and have been accepted and recommended by civil aviation authorities worldwide. T

The SMS Recurrent Training session provides you with a chance to refresh your knowledge of the elements of the SMS and support your critical thinking to drive continuous improvement within your organization. The SMS Advanced Training course is built on the premise that an organization has already worked on the implementation of a safety management system (SMS) and provides the participants with the necessary approach to cope with complexity, think critically about safety, and actively contribute to safer operations.

As a crucial part of the Safety Management System (SMS), Fatigue Risk Management (FRM) is a data-driven approach which continuously monitors and manages fatigue-related safety risks based upon scientific principles and knowledge. The training course provides you with practical tools for integrating the FRM in an SMS.

AQS also offers additionally one hour Web-based FRM and SMS training session.

Besides audits and training, AQS offers services which are tailored to specific customer needs and provides them with advisory services. AQS analyses processes and procedures, effectively prepares airlines for IOSA, ISAGO and IS-BAO, and supports customers to successfully implement the Safety Management System (SMS) and Fatigue Risk Management System (FRMS).