Basic Training

The foundation of your know-how
Customized and individual training possibilities

In Frankfurt, Hamburg, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan and China (Hainan) highly qualified instructors are available to teach the varius aspects of Basic Training. Besides the state recognized Basic Training (requirement for obtaining an AML), specialized training is also offered. These courses are specifically designed to increase and expand your own professional competence. Special training programs can be customized to suit your individual requirements. The fast, flexible and competent realization of our customer's wishes while taking the statutory provisions into consideration is always our primary goal. Thanks to our extensive know-how, we are capable of developing comprehensive qualification programs for maintenance and servicing personnel. LTT's own training aircraft can be integrated into the training to guarantee a realistic training environment. Our training is designed to meet the high international quality and procedural standards for aeronautical personnel, and conforms to the special quality requirements of Lufthansa. 

Language training

English is the language of aviation. Maintenance as well as aircraft documentation is written in English. Therefore, it is necessary to have English language skills especially relating to the terminology used in aeronautical engineering. Lufthansa Technical Training therefore offers comprehensive "Technical Aviation English" courses. The contents of the courses vary in relation to the participants' previous knowledge of English, and consists of various consecutive modules. Our training concept covers all aeronautical topics and offers the possibility to combine individual training modules. Upon request, all existing training can be adapted and customized to your individual needs. 

Non-approved basic training

The following training portfolio only partially covers the EASA regulations for Part-66. The completion of Non-Approved Basic Training therefore does not fulfill the requirements to apply for an EASA license. These procedures still allow us to develop topics and programs in a more customized way.

Refresher training Specialized training Customized training
Serves the purpose of repeating or accomplishing an understanding of the required technical knowledge necessary to prepare for an EASA Part-66 Full Basic Examination

Serves the purpose of increasing and expanding knowledge of specific topics, such as

  • Component Shops
  • Engine Maintenance & Overhaul
  • Avionic & Mechanic Shops
  • Structure & Composite Repair
Customized solutions for the individual requirements of companies and their aviation personnel


Approved basic training

By meeting EASA Part-66 requirements, the successful completion of the respective course will allow the participant to apply for the corresponding license from the responsible authority.

EASA courses National Authorities
Courses that are approved by EASA, the European Aviation Safety Agency (approved training)

The Lufthansa Technical Training Group holds several approvals of National Authorities in Asia:


* If you are in need of Basic training in accordance with other National Requirements, please contact us.