Continuation Training

To Remain Up To Date: Your Challenge – Your Objectives

Approved design, production and maintenance organizations shall ensure that their personnel receive sufficient continuation training. This is to ensure that the personnel will stay current in respect to the latest trends and developments in their working environment. The scope of the training shall ensure that up-to-date knowledge of relevant technology, organization procedures and human factor issues are acquired and maintained. The contents of the training can be designed in a flexible way, but shall address the individual needs and requirements of the organization. 

Human Factors Programs

Human errors contribute to a significant proportion of worldwide commercial aircraft accidents and incidents and these occurrences are costly and harm the image of an airline. The human element is the most flexible and valuable part if the aviation system, but it is also the most vulnerable to influences which can adversely affect its performance. You want to intensively deal with internal and external occurrences caused by Human Factors? Take advantage of the wide range of human factors programs, which we carry out for the development, manufacture and maintenance departments of Luftahansa Technik and many other international customers. 

Aviation Legislation

The aviation regulations and international agreements form the basis of almost all activities in civil aviation. Know-how of these requirements regarding design, production and of continuous airworthiness of aircraft and aeronautical products, parts and appliances are an important prerequisite for an understanding of the structure, organization and procedures of companies involved in the aviation industry. You want to meet the challenges of ever-widening government regulations and requirements? Take advantage of our continuous adaptive Aviation Legislation programs that we conduct for different activities carried out in the areas of aviation. 

Relevant Technology

To ensure and improve the safety, reliability and efficiency of aircraft the manufacturers or other approved design organizations continuously direct or propose implementation of modifications or repairs to the original product. In addition, new technologies are implemented which where not part of the initial training of the personnel. You want to keep your staff up to date on the equipment and modification status of your fleet and be prepared for the challenges resulting from the application of  new technologies in aircraft? Use the information on modifications, SBs, ADs, etc. which we prepare in a very coherent way and provide for independent study via the Internet. 

Record Keeping

The EASA requirements in Parts-145 and 147 regarding data availability and accessibility are very strict and create in particular for smaller organizations a challenge. In particular, maintenance organizations shall maintain a record of all certifying staff and support staff. This must include information about completed relevant basic type and continuation training. You want to conduct the monitoring of dead lines and the proof of implementation of the continuation training by an established software system? Lufthansa Technical Training offers consulting and support competence to deal with these challenges and this experience can be adapted to your individual needs.