Embraer 170 or 190 maintenance training

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What we offer

LTT's EASA approved Embraer 170 and 190 maintenance training is specifically designed to be as flexible, practical and cost-effective as possible. Our Embraer 170 and 190 maintenance training programs further feature extensive aircraft and shop access, run-up and borescope courses with assessment, run-up simulator facilities and media-based training options to minimize training costs. They also make extensive use of computer-based as well as web-based training aids, to optimize the training time available and maximize the learning success. 

Who it's for

Our Embraer 170 and 190 maintenance training courses are intended for B1 and/or B2 line and base maintenance technicians. 

Course extract for this aircraft type

Our B1/B2 type training consists of both theoretical and practical level 3 training in the areas of electrical systems, airframe systems, powerplants and avionics, and fully complies with all EASA Part 147/Part 66 appendix III requirements. The practical training element covers parts & components, assembled units, MDS and avionics BIT procedures, and can also be offered separately within an EASA Part 145 context.

Depending on the course type different locations are possible (Munich, Zurich or on-site). 

Overview of capabilities***

Course Approval Duration
A EASA 4 days + practical
B1 EASA 20 days
B2 EASA 20 days
B2 differential EMB170 to 190* EASA 2 days
B1/B2 EASA 22 days
B1/B2 differential EMB170 to 190* EASA 3 days
C, Level 1 EASA 5 days

C, Level 1 differential EMB170 to 190*

EASA 1 day
Level 2 EASA 15 days
Level 2 differential EMB170 to 190* EASA 2 days
Differential EMB190 to 1000 Lineage EASA 1 day
Practical EASA 10 days (diff. 1 day)
Continuation N/A 1-5 days
Refresher N/A 1-5 days
Familiarization N/A 1-3 days
Run-up N/A 1-3 days
Run-up refresher N/A 1 day
Borescope N/A 1-3 days


***Subject to amendment of LTT's MTOE (in progress)

*or vice versa