General information

Lufthansa Technical Training GmbH (LTT) established a branch office in Taiwan (LTTT) in 1997. As part of the LTT group, LTTT offers approved and non-approved basic training and manufacturing training. As example LTTT has performed together with the LTT-training network the initial training for the new A320 factory in China.
In 1997 LTT and the China University of Science and Technology (CUST) signed a contract to build up an Aviation Maintenance school in Taiwan, the China Aviation School (CAS) to establish a professional and approved Aviation Maintenance Training facility.
CAS is holder of different approvals: CCAA 147  Approval – China Civil Aeronautics and the EASA CAT A Approval.
In 2009 LTTT supported the training for Airbus new Final Assembly Line in China. In 2011 Lufthansa Technical Training Taiwan was assigned to coordinate and support the upgrade of the Taiwanese Aviation Regulations to EASA Part 147 and 66.
The facilities a very well equipped, for example with an A320 full 3D vision simulator. 10 training aircraft, different turbine engines, piston engines and propellers are an excellent base for providing a Part-145-environment within the training.
LTTTs basic training is an easy way for acquiring the Aircraft Maintenance Basic License (AMBL). It corresponds to the specifications of EASA Part-66 and covers all modules required for the categories A, B1 and B2 in the ratings for airplanes, helicopters, turbine engines and piston engines. Any of the modules can be combined to create customized training units.
Besides basic training consulting services can be provided especially for MROs. Furthermore, LTTT performs internships for technical schools all over Asia in an MRO training-environment to let those trainees discover the real aviation world.

About Taiwan

Taiwan - officially the Republic of China - is a beautiful island in the East China Sea with many touristic attractions and is famous for the friendliness of its people. Taiwan has more than 23 million people and its capital is Taipei. A convenient high-speed train connects all major cities and provides an easy way to discover the island. 


The visa policy of Taiwan grants visa-free and visa-on-arrival travel for citizens of 45 countries. An online travel authority is valid for citizens of 7 counties/territories. Please check www.boca.gov.tw/np.asp?ctNode=776&mp=2 if a visa is required for your country of origin.
All visitors must hold a passport valid for 6 months (except: citizens of Japan 3 months).