EAMTC meeting in Seeheim

On 6-7 November the EAMTC meeting took place in the Lufthansa Conference Center in Seeheim, Germany. Lufthansa Technical Training (LTT) was the host of this event. "EAMTC" stands for European Aviation Maintenance Training Committee and is an independent non-profit organization. Companies which are approved according to EASA Part-147 or Part-145 as well as OEM and other training related businesses are members of the EAMTC. More than 140 participants attended the by now 67th meeting. Due to the excellent planning and organization, an interesting agenda, the guest lectures and workshops as well as the high level of the conference center the participants enjoyed the event. The management and the sales team of LTT used the meeting for intensive discussions with customers, cooperation partners and suppliers. An important agenda item of the second day was the election of the new EAMTC Ecexutive Commettees. Hans Mayer of Lufthansa Technik was voted for the new president. In sum, Lufthansa positively presented itself in front of a big audience. The next EAMTC meeting will be organized by KLM and ROC in Amsterdam in April 2018.