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General product description

The interactive learning solution, called "eJAMF-66", provides the entire EASA Part-66 syllabus to train staff involved in the aviation industry. The training program created by 30 Subject Matter Experts comprises 350 hours of learning material divided into 17 modules for the learning levels/target groups EASA Part-66 CAT A, CAT B1, CAT B2 and all aviation technical staff who prepare for other aviation technical qualifications.  

Our team of experts determines customer needs and implements these in a customized eJAMF-66 solution. Demo versions are available upon request. If you are interested and would like to get to know our product, please contact Dilek Strauss (contact information below). 

Target group

eJAMF-66 reaches different target groups


  • Young professionals in the MRO industry (CAT A) 
  • Qualification from CAT A to CAT B1 or to B2  
  • Cross qualification B2 to B1 or B1 to B2 
  • License holders who require Continuation Training 
  • Employees in a technical environment who are entrusted with certain tasks, e.g. employees who only require content relevant to work on the chassis 


Instructors of the MRO industry:  

  • Initial training 
  • Further training 
  • Continuation training


Lateral entrants/career changers/others:

  • Personnel in a technical environment, e.g. purchase staff, sales staff etc. 


Theoretical knowledge based on the guidelines of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA): 

  • Module 1 Mathematics 
  • Module 2 Physics 
  • Module 3 Electrical Fundamentals 
  • Module 4 Electronic Fundamentals 
  • Module 5 Digital Techniques 
  • Module 6 Materials and Hardware
  • Module 7 Maintenance Practices
  • Module 8 Basic Aerodynamics 
  • Module 9 Human Factors 
  • Module 10 Aviation Legislation 
  • Module 11A Airframe & Systems (B1.1)
  • Module 14 Propulsion / Engine
  • Module 15 Gas Turbine Engine 
  • Module 16 Gas Turbine Engine
  • Module 17 Propeller 
  • Fuel Tank Safety 
  • Composite Awareness
  • EWIS



  • Customization on learning objectives: Content customization and modular sales offers customers maximum flexibility in terms of the composition of the learning program 
  • Modernization of knowledge transfer by digitizing basic training  
  • Self-study by using interactive media enables the trainees to learn according to their individual level of knowledge and learning type 
  • Learning objectives can be achieved more effectively through the interactive learning approach - learning content can be prepared/followed up 
  • eJAMF-66 can be used as a qualification tool for the training of new instructors 
  • Suitable for deaf and dumb employees
  • Distance Learning enables savings in travel costs 
  • Individual, location- and time-independent, modular learning 
  • Knowledge transfer becomes more effective through interactive learning 
  • Videos and high-quality animations  
  • Different performance levels of the trainees can be taken into account 
  • Learning Management System can be adapted to customer needs (e.g. background color, font color and style) 

Methods and concepts


  • Interactive classroom training
  • Classroom training with eJAMF-66 sequences



  • With/without presence of the instructor incl. consolidation



eJAMF-66 was programmed in HTML5 and optimized for tablets, PCs, laptops and all common browsers (Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Safari). As with all web-based training courses, eJAMF-66 learning units are accessed online via a web server. A data line with a bandwidth of minimum 10Mbit per user is recommended. 


  • Basic knowledge of English
  • Basic computer skills

Dilek Strauss

Dilek Strauss

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