Learning in the classroom, the workshop and on the aircraft

Classroom training
Your attendance is important to us

Our instructors are always available to you. They will convey their knowledge and their experiences, answer questions, present examples from real life situations and will prepare you for your examinations and your daily work. Training will be held in the classroom, the training workshop or directly on an aircraft. 

In the classroom

In our modern and well-equipped classrooms, our instructors will conduct theoretical knowledge training. By the use of various media and computer-based simulation programs, complex situations will be presented to you in detail. 

In the workshop

You will work in well-equipped workshops with special tools and aeronautical material to acquire practical skills and understand the behavior of various material. Here you will acquire the skills necessary for your working environment. 

On the aircraft

During the practical training on the aircraft, you will gain and understanding of all routine tasks concerning maintenance practices, and also be prepared for non-routine tasks.