For a successful start in your training

Important formalities

Our Customer Service is happy to assist you with the filling out of the required paperwork and the handling of all formalities which might be necessary for the participation in your course. When a training takes place in one of our airport security areas, an official reliability check is required in order to get access to such areas. Additionally, you will receive a visitor identification card as soon as you completed the training course on aviation safety*.

*You won't need an aviation safety course at the location Hamburg. 

Application for the Identification Card - Reliability check

In order to ensure the safety of the facilities, airports and airlines are required through the Air Traffic Act (Luftverkehrsgesetz) to ensure a reliability check on all persons who have regular access to non-public areas. In Germany, the reliability check in air traffic is performed by the Federal Aviation Office in accordance with §29d of the German Air Traffic Act.

For the online application (link see below), you will need:

  • An online application form for the visitor identification card, completely filled out
  • For a reliability check in accordance with §29d of the German Air Traffic Act or a repeated reliability check you need: a legible online copy of the identitiy card or passport and a digital photograph in color

Please fill out the online application form as soon as possible since the reliability check may take up to nine weeks.

If you have any questions, the Customer Service is happy to help you.  ... more 

First day of training

On your first day of training, please register at the visitor reception center of your training center.