Interview with Levente Budai

Dear Customer,

I would like to introduce myself personally to you. Having spent 7 years in Asia and a number of roles in the area of aircraft MRO sales with Lufthansa Technik AG (LHT), I took over Lufthansa Technical Training's (LTT) Head of Sales Asia role at the end of 2016.

I led and managed Lufthansa Technik's Group sales projects, mainly in South-East Asia, where I gained a particular interest of business development and in aviation/technical training.

In the course of its market and sales strategy LHT developed many business opportunities where training is a success factor.


Mr. Budai, you very recently took up the reins at LTT as Head of Sales in Asia. What are the planned restructurings in your area in the course of LTT2.0 and the extent to which these changes will impact the sales region and the sales strategy in Asia?

"LTT puts strong emphasis on the Asian market with local training operation and sales forces. The primary focus is on the customers and on the region and for provisioning of competitive products, which is a prerequisite for being successful in the market. The key is customer centricity.

We are implementing a new regional setup where the sales activities for commercial airlines, MROs, OEMs and Universities/ Polytechnics are clustered and approached in the three key sales areas Singapore, South-East Asia and North-East Asia. The members of the sales team are co-located to the market clusters. There are sales offices in Singapore, in the Philippines as well as in Taiwan. Local presence is very important, close proximity to the customer is required and appreciated as the general tendency is to 'buy local'."

What has changed in general in the delivery of training in your opinion in recent years and what are the challenges? How does this impact the Asian region?

"There is a strong aircraft growth over the next years in Asia that creates a massive maintenance training demand in the region. The operators are seeking ways to accommodate large fleets with additional flight and ground staff. There is a significant lack of skilled and licensed workmanship for aircraft maintenance. Hence, the challenge for airlines and maintenance organizations is to recruit and qualify a competent workforce. LTT will be coping on providing  comprehensive training and qualification solutions, value driven and adapted to the particular market and customer needs."

Are you planning to implement further developments or future prospects in addition to the changes mentioned?

"Very important to continuously and closely monitor the market and to make sure that all the latest requirements and customer needs are identified, so we can develop the most suitable training solutions.

Customized solutions under competitive conditions and with high quality standards are crutial and well appreciated."