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Market perspectives: Changes and chances

Uncertainties still exist among all training customers and providers, but opportunities in the training market are increasingly becoming apparent.  The ramp-up of the flight program in the summer of 2021 within the Lufthansa Group and the expected recovery of the North American operation make us optimistic that the demand for training, which was already noticeable in the second half of the year, will continue next year.

Many MROs and airlines still have a certain surplus of qualified personnel due to their reduced business activities. Many of our customers are currently conducting training courses primarily for the purpose of retaining licenses for their technical staff.

However, the pandemic also offers opportunities for the development of technical training and further education as a whole: Interest in new, efficient learning formats has increased significantly. Online Distance Learning (ODL) in particular will probably remain firmly anchored in the training landscape as an alternative learning method. Our global customers expect that the crisis-related migration of skilled workers to other industries will likely lead to a considerable need for training in the aviation industry in the medium term. The use of modern, more efficient aircraft types and technologies also drives the need for further training. With its modern and increasingly digital learning offerings, Lufthansa Technical Training is well equipped for the future in the training market - within the LH Group and in the external environment - and is continuously working on the further expansion of its training offerings. Feel free to contact us to find the right training solution for your department!