EASA EU1149/2011-compliant training courses

400 training courses updated for 17 aircraft types

Lufthansa Technical Training (LTT) now offers type and basic training in compliance with the new requirements of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).

The statutory requirement referred to as EU1149/2011 states that beginning August 1, 2013, only the new requirements for content and duration for EASA Part-147-approved Type and Basic Training will apply for training organizations as well as for license holders of EASA category B1 and B2.

This means that LTT already provides customers a total of 400 practical and theoretical EASA-approved type training courses for 17 aircraft types as well as 50 basic courses in compliance with the new regulations.

Accordingly, in June the authority responsible for the matter – the Federal Aviation Authority – approved all relevant type training courses offered by Lufthansa Technical Training.

Rubin Siddique, Chief Commercial Officer at LTT:

"By approving the LTT training courses by the Federal Aviation Authority before the statutory deadline we have achieved our goal of offering customers a timely change to training concepts and content in accordance with the new EASA regulations, thus providing them the attendant advantages - such as reduced course durations for example."

Thomas Bund, Project Manager at LTT commenting on the introduction of EU1149/2011:

"This implementation of the new EASA requirement was the most significant change to have occurred in the last decade. After all, the idea behind the extensive range of courses was to integrate additional training content into the courses for license holders of EASA categories B1 and B2. The course times also had to be redefined to comply with the Training Need Analysis just conducted for each of the 200 theoretical type training courses."