Practical experience for Aircraft Maintenance License

LTT Training Centre Erfurt/Germany

The National Aviation Authority of Germany (Luftfahrt-Bundesamt - LBA) has approved the Lufthansa Technical Training (LTT) training center in Erfurt as a learning environment in accordance with EASA Part-145. As a result, LTT can now offer participants a practical program lasting up to three months, which is subsequently certified as counting towards practical experience according to the requirements of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).

The practical experience gained is certified on the LBA form 19.2 which must be submitted to the LBA by the aircraft mechanic or avionic technician when applying for a Category A or Category B Aircraft Maintenance License (AML).

Andreas Kaden, Managing Director of Lufthansa Technical Training:
"LTT is the only training provider in Germany that offers participants their own EASA Part-145 training environment and that can now also certify practical experience of up to three months according to statutory requirements. We would like to gradually expand our capabilities in the near future to allow the entire practical experience section to be carried out at our own training center. International customers in particular can benefit greatly from this because often they don't have an employment agreement with maintenance organizations."

Jens Lange, Product Manager of Basic Training at Lufthansa Technical Training:
"We very often have customers requesting that their staff gain Maintenance Experience according to EASA regulations, and we have thus set relevant training into motion in Erfurt. This training now allows us to offer them extraordinary flexibility to gain the practical experience necessary for obtaining an AML."

In Erfurt, a Boeing 737 is available to participants as a real-life learning object. Maintenance and repair tasks specially designed for the participants and individual supervision ensure the long-term acquisition of practical skills. Experts with appropriate EASA CAT B licenses supervise the participants during their practical assignments.The course starts at the beginning of each month. Minimum participation period is one month. The first course starts on 6 January 2014 at the training center in Erfurt.