Based on our vast experience in delivering training worldwide over many decades we understand the wide variety of regulations from various National Aviation Authorities. Lufthansa Technical Training was the very first aviation training organization to be approved under the JAR-147 (now: EASA Part-147) rules and continues to implement the ever evolving rules of the European Aviation Safety Agency. Facing the challenges of modern training needs Lufthansa Technical Training developed the highly professional TrainingConcept compromising four core elements:

  • TrainingProgram
  • TrainingMaterial
  • TrainingManagement
  • ExamManagement


The TrainingProgram ensures compliance with various regulatory and organizational requirements. It includes the syllabus which shows for the relevant training courses all required subject matter (CourseSpec), guidelines to assist instructors in conducting the training properly (TrainerGuides), specific engineering drawings as guidance to conduct the basic skills training (WorkSheets) and the list of the representative practical maintenance activities for the relevant license category (TasksList). 


The TrainingMaterial includes the student handouts (CourseNotes) covering the all subjects required to impart the relevant knowledge. This material is supplemented by highly interactive online study material (CourseWare) to enhance training quality and spherical views (VividInsights) to provide insights in actual aircraft. It also includes simulations of maintenance relevant tasks in the cockpit (CockpitSim) to bring the aircraft into the classroom for practical training. 


The TrainingManagement ensures regulatory compliance with various regulatory requirements by enabling curriculum design (CourseDesign), record keeping for staff (TrainerRecords) and students including issuing of certificates (StudentRecords) as well as scheduling of courses (CourseSchedule). 


The ExamManagement is specifically designed to professionally develop, verify (ExamQuestions) and store (QuestionBase) multiple-choice and essay questions. Furthermore, it automates the creation (ExamCreation) and – among paper print – an online deployment (OnlineExam) of EASA approved examinations. It is a single integrated system with information being entered once; eliminating data transposition errors.