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Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) technology is developing at an increasing speed and with a growing market interest in the aircraft maintenance training domain. "As a training provider we have gained experience in the development of 360° panorama viewers and virtual reality applications for training purposes. Our goal is to further improve our existing training media and applications by further integrating VR solutions into our training set-up", says Panagiotis Poligenis, who is respectively the head of business development, innovation, strategy & product management at Lufthansa Technical Training. "The advantages of VR training include supplementing and improving theoretical technical training by integrating practical elements of the engine or aircraft and the fact that VR brings the lessons to life and makes them more tangible and interactive." The instructor plays a leading role together with the training development department, which promotes new technology solutions in the creation of the VR training to ensure that the didactic concept meets the learning objectives and contents, according to Poligenis.