Vocational Training

The foundation for your professional life

On behalf of Lufthansa Technik we offer vocational training for the following trades:

  • Aircraft Mechanic, Maintenance
  • Aircraft Mechanic, Engines
  • Aircraft Mechanic, Production Engineering
  • Avionic Technician
  • Electronics Technician for Devices and Systems
  • Tool Mechanic
  • Galvanizer


The vocational training is conducted in accordance with the Training Curriculum of the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce, as well as in accordance with the requirements for Lufthansa Technik trainees. During the technical Vocational Training, trainees will acquire the knowledge necessary to obtain the Cat A qualification (requirement for the authorization to issue a Certificate of Release to Service of an aircraft in accordance with the European Aviation Safety Agency EASA). Our vocational training meets the EASA standards and is recognized all over Europe. The training facilities offer high-quality equipment and only state-of-the-art techniques are applied in order ensure that our trainees acquire the same state-of-the-art knowledge.

By the way Lufthansa Technical Training has presented a state-of-the-art concept for "Vocational Training 4.0" and is one step ahead of other companies in the field of digitalization and industry 4.0! Take a look in the video at excerpts of the digital topics and contact us for your individual digital training solution.