Web-based training at Lufthansa Technical Training

Excellent learning

Our web-based training programs are interactive. In addition to videos, pictures and other interactions you are swiftly brought through the contents.

At the end of the training and after successfully completing the final test, you can immediately print out your personal certificate. 

Advantages for participants

  • Conveying the learning contents interactively
  • Quality assured training contents
  • Adjustable to the individuals learning process
  • Free repetition of individual modules
  • Stopping or pausing the modules at any time
  • Always available
  • Accessible from any PC or tablet PC with internet connection
  • No journey to a specific training location

Advantages for companies

In addition to the advantages for the participants, there are further advantages for companies:

  • Contents can be adapted to specific requirements
  • Quality assured training contents
  • Abstract contents are graphically presented with the aid of simulators
  • Learning control can be customized
  • Work process-oriented learning is possible
  • Teaching aids can be reused multiple times
  • Different forms of interaction are available for every learning type (audio, video, text)
  • Sound recordings and videos can be easily integrated