Basic Training

The big basics for professionals

In the courses of our Basic Training Program, you will create a solid foundation for the demanding and responsible work in the aviation industry. No matter in which area of maintenance or production you will be working, you will find the right courses in our extensive portfolio - developed from practical experience, methodically at a high level and flexibly tailored to the different needs of our customers.

EASA Part-66 Fundamental Training

Approved Training or Examination Preparation Courses with corresponding examination:


From basic training to type-specific engine training:

  • Borescope Training
  • Shop Training
  • Fundamental Training

Aircraft Structures, Composite and Interior

From structural fundamentals to damage assessment to repair and special procedures:

  • Metal Structure
  • Composite
  • Cabin Interior

Avionic & Mechanic Fundamentals

Fundamentals for electrical and mechanical aircraft systems and specialty courses:

  • Avionic Fundamentals
  • Mechanic Fundamentals

Human Factors

Initial and continuation training as well as customized solutions:

  • Part-66
  • Part-145
  • Safety Management Training (SMS)

Aviation Regulations

From German aviation law to EASA regulations:

  • Part-66
  • Part-145
  • Special Regulations

Technical Aviation English

From the basics to Technical Aviation English:

  • Level A
  • Level B
  • Level C

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