Technical Product Management

Mario Knothe has been working as Technical Product Manager in Basic Training for Lufthansa Technical Training since July 1, 2023. His responsibilities include supporting interdisciplinary teams in the development, validation, and optimization of training content. This involves adhering to standards and regulations, leading subject matter experts, consulting internal/external partners, ensuring training quality, media development, and providing technical support to product management, sales, and quality management. Additionally, he is tasked with ensuring the availability and functionality of the technical infrastructure necessary for product realization.

The demands of the aviation industry require not only traditional in-person training methods but also new, flexible approaches such as Blended Learning, eLearning, and adapting content to these formats. The integration of artificial intelligence, augmented & virtual reality poses an additional challenge. Despite these challenges, our customers can be confident that they will receive high-quality and future-oriented training from Lufthansa Technical Training.