New EU Regulation 2023/989

On June 12th, the new EU Regulation 2023/989 came into effect. The starting point for implementation was the school district meeting on January 24th, 2024, at Aero Bildung in Gilching. This regulation brings significant changes particularly to the areas of basic and aircraft type training as well as the certification system.

Basic training: The syllabus for the approved basic courses has been extensively revised. New content has been added, shifted, or removed from the individual basic modules. In the examination system, this impacts the distribution of questions in the multiple-choice sections. So-called essay questions will only be required in Module 7A in the future. Starting June 12th, the approved basic courses and exams will be conducted according to the new standard. This means that participants will be provided with revised training materials for the courses, and the exams will be conducted according to the new guidelines.

Aircraft type training: For all aircraft type courses, the Training Needs Analyses (TNA) have been revised according to the new regulation's requirements and approved by the Federal Aviation Office. Consequently, the aircraft type courses will be conducted based on the new standard starting June 12th. The “old” courses may be completed due to a special permit, even if they fall within the new approval period.

Certification system:
The systems have been adjusted so that we can issue course certificates to our customers in a timely manner according to the new standard for their successful course completions.